Friday, August 28, 2009

On a happier note!

Today was the egg drop... Brannon was assigned to bring an egg to school protected by anything he wanted and put in a container, no larger than a shoe box. The teacher got on the roof of the school and dropped every class member's egg off to see who's would survive..... and guess who's did? Yep, Brannon's egg made it! He came home all happy that his egg didn't break, but decided to break it on his way home! I'm glad his egg made it! He was real disappointed during the pine wood derby when his car was the slowest one out there. He told Coby, thanks a lot dad, it's all your fault!! LOL

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Lisa and Jacob said...

NICE! I bet he was excited! and I couldn't watch that video on facebook for some reason... but maybe its a good thing. Very sickening.